Did God Create the Internet? by Scott Klososky

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Did God Create the Internet?

Did God Create the Internet?

Technology is changing how we operate as human beings in historically significant ways.  It is likely that these changes will continue to happen at increasing rates over the next few decades due to the explosion of new technology tools we continue to invent.  Some of these changes are healthy and positive, while others are not.  Because the impacts are so great, it would behoove us, as a species, to form a clearer picture as to what is happening to us now, and what will potentially change in the future.  The reality is we are integrating technology into our lives, bodies, and relationships.  This creates a Humalogical Balance of sorts where most of the things we do in a day have a technology component, as well as human interaction.

Humalogy is a word that describes the integration of technology and humanity to get a process completed.  We have created a scale that allows us to metric the percentage of each that is being applied to any given task.  Once the world is viewed through a Humalogical lens, we can begin to understand how technology is changing how we communicate, learn, build relationships, work, and grow.  There are unique strengths that technology brings, and the same can be said for humans.  As we struggle to find how to integrate both of these into our world in new ways, there are many interesting question:

  • Will technology not only help us learn faster and be smarter, but also help us be more enlightened?
  • As we become more dependent on it, will we lose basic capabilities that might be needed one day?
  • How aware are we of the healthy and unhealthy impacts of our new technologies on society?

Allow me to share one small example of technology having positive and negative aspects.  Our mobile devices are becoming outboard brains that we use to store memory, solve problems, and find information.  As they increase in power, we become more addicted to using them to help us with our lives.  They are making us more powerful in many ways because we have instant access to information, or communication, and at the same time, we are becoming dependent on them in order to complete many tasks.  As we become very dependent, we will also lose some of the skills we once had because the mobile device does the work (or thinking) for us.  We will be at the same time more powerful with the outboard brain, and yet less able to cope without it.  These devices can bring us closer together with hundreds of “friends” anywhere in the world, and can disconnect us from people sitting in the same room.  This is just one example, and there are thousands technological concepts that are both improving our lives, and causing negative consequences.

From a spiritual viewpoint, how technology will improve our race, or cripple it, is an intriguing concept to consider.  I am a technologist, and a person who strives for enlightenment, and I would like to expand the view and understanding in the world about where we are today, where we are headed, and what we can do to assure a more positive outcome.  I have broken the book down into discrete areas of our lives so I can do a deep dive into the many ways that technology is, and will, impact us.  And, then render an opinion on the light or dark aspects of each one.  My dream is that this book causes a discussion in the world that will be a catalyst for people to make more conscious decisions about how to integrate technology into who we are.