The Prophecy Course: Participant Workbook by Cath Livesey

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The Prophecy Course: Participant Workbook

The Prophecy Course: Participant Workbook

Prophecy Course Participant Guide

The Prophecy Course is an eight-week course (one session per week) that provides a mixture of interactive teaching, group discussion and practical activations. The ‘Pack’ consists of videos, participant workbooks, and a course-leaders book. 

This course reflects the values of immersion and imitation, taking participants through a process of both learning the principles and then stepping out into the prophetic.  

"This course is for everyone who wants to grow in their ability to hear God’s voice, and for those who want to see a prophetic culture grow and develop in their churches and missional communities. I hope you enjoy the adventure." -Cath Livesey

This page is for the workbook only.

Each participant will need to have their own workbook, a Bible and a pen; it is also recommended that everyone taking part has some sort of journal where they can keep a record of what God says to them over the eight sessions.

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