Huddle Leader Guide, 2nd Edition by Mike Breen

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Huddle Leader Guide, 2nd Edition

Huddle Leader Guide, 2nd Edition

It can feel daunting know where to start with leading a Huddle. There are so many different things you can do, so many places you could take the people you’re investing in. The Huddle Leader Guide provides flexibility and freedom in a framework that takes you through the first year of your Huddle. It is the perfect resource to walk alongside of Building a Discipling Culture as you take this journey. 

The Guide includes three parts:

Part 1: Purpose of this Leader Guide; How to use the Leader Guide; What is a Huddle?; Spiritual Formation Process; Trusting the Process; Content + Context; Value of the Tools; Huddle is not Discipleship; Calibrating Invitation + Challenge; Before your Huddle begins; Framework and FreedomPurpose and use of the guide; Defining a Huddle; Spiritual Formation, and more, including a sample outline. 

Part 2: Includes themed “Intervals” for each meeting during Year 1: Invitation + Challenge; Spiritual Breakthrough; Scripture Defining Reality; Rhythms of Life; Balanced and Deepening Relationships; Multiplying Missional Disciples; Personal Calling; Prayer; Communal Spiritual Health; and Relational Mission.

Part 3: What does Huddle look like after the first year?; Huddle on Mission Suggested Ideas; and Character/Skills Questions. 

The Huddle Leader Guide is the perfect resource to use with Building a Discipling Culture.