Pig and Sheep by Mike Breen

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Pig and Sheep

Now that I am a grandfather I wanted to write a book that would help young children understand Jesus’ love acceptance and forgiveness,” - Mike Breen 

Children learn about Little Pig who absolutely loves being a pig. He loves playing in the pigsty and eating all of the "slops" he wants. Soon, Little Pig notices the shepherd and the sheep on the other side of the fence. The sheep seem so clean and happy and Little Pig decides he wants to be a sheep. He climbs the fence and finds the shepherd who then gives Little Pig the heart of a sheep. With his new heart in place, changes begin from the inside out.

Although Little Pig loves being a little piggly-sheep, he is persuaded by one of his former Pig friends to come back to the grand pigsty for a party. Little Pig goes back that night and rolls in the mud and has his fill of slop—but the mud made his new wool dirty and stick and the slop didn’t taste as good as it used to.

Just when Little Pig starts thinking he’ll never be able to leave the pigsty again, the shepherd comes along and asks what’s wrong. Little Pig admits that he made a bad decision and the shepherd takes him back in the flock.